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Weathering, traffic, moss or mould growth and pressure cleaning are all factors which take their toll on your patio and driveway. The vibrant pigments which are so appealing in new paving, are dulled by a combination of water, U.V and abrasion. Your paving has a hard life!

With certain products you can care for your driveway or patio and improve their cosmetic appeal and extend the lifespan of your patio or drive. Control algae and lichen using atio cleaner concentrate or Bio-Wash Patio & Roof Cleaner as a pre-treatment, then ensure it doesn't return by sealing with Total Sealer, or seal and restore faded colours with pigmented sealers such as Restore-a-drive, our own pigmented resin sealant.

We can lift and relay your old sunken block paving, reseal and sand as new.